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Re: Priorities (was: working SGML package)

I need to make some corrections/additons to this:
>SAndy Haris wrote:
>>If Docbook SGML is the best way to build Linux documentation
>>(which there seems to be a consensus on, and I'm not about to
>>quibble) then I'd say maintaining and improving the tools is a
>>high priority item.
I think the if there is a consensus, it's to remain with Linuxdoc until 
there is a clear path shown for transition to Docbook.

David Lawyer (I) incorrectly wrote:
> It should be
>suggested that the author of a howto put his url in the howto for
>feedback.  The Howto-HOWTO author forgot to do this.

The url is there but not in the author heading where I put my url.  Sorry.
			David Lawyer

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