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Re: Caution: Newbie online.

> >>>>>> "N" == Nelson Ingersoll <ningersoll@codenet.net> writes:
> >
> >    N> Any thoughts from anyone where I might focus my waning years of
> >    N> talent for the benefit of Linux?  (Gawd, you opened yourself up
> >    N> there Mac!)

> David Lawyer then responded:

> Someone not in the LDP suggested that you convert docs to DocBook. There
> are already a few people looking into this and one more will not help that
> much in sorting it out. 

I do think we should discusss the issue of converting documents to
DocBook further.If a decision is made to do so, then offers of
assistance from folks like Nelson Ingersoll would be _most_ welcome. In
brief, we could direct them as follows:

1. We could provide relevant DocBook references like the online version
of "DocBook" at http://www.docbook.org

2. Each document would be converted to DocBook with the " ld2db" 
( linuxdoc-to-DocBook ) script contained in "SGML tools," version 2.x

3. The resultant .sgml file may be edited with , say, emacs with PSGML
mode, which permits validation of the markup, the latter facilitating
the editing process.

We would need to determine the format of the title page beforehand. See,
for example, my HOWTO in DocBook at : 

We should also consider a CVS setup as has recently been accomplished at
the Open Software Writers Group at :  http://www.oswg.org. It is
associated with scripts that convert the .sgml files into multiple
formats on a nightly basis. ( Wow !)

> I can't go to DocBook since my computer can't  handle it. 

What do you mean by this ?

( edit)


Howard Mann
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