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Re: fyi: site updates

On Thu, Jan 13, 2000 at 12:43:09AM -0800, Joshua Drake wrote:
> I thought the volunteers page was a nice addition, showing other such
> entities that were assisting in the Linux Documentation Movement...

First it was called the core team and ppl didn't like it.

Then we changed it to the 'volunteer list' and it still doesn't fit.

Joshua, maybe we should explain we *need* some sort of "contact us" page
where our emails and responsabilities are displayed.

For ex, without this, I'd loose 1/3 of my LDP related mail ; that means
volunteers, individuals, authors, translators (...) willing to offer
their help but who don't know who they should get in touch with.

It's not a "ego" page, it just brings us more work.

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