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Re: Slashdot reply (draft 0.1)

On Fri, Feb 11, 2000 at 12:23:24AM -0800, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> <flame>This is really stupid.  I'm sure there's a logic behind this, but I
> can't grasp what it is.  I understand why these were put in place, but not
> why they're still in use.  We should abolish silly distinctions to allow

For simplicity.

> LDP/
> LDP/HOWTO/ (put the actual plain text HOWTO documents here)
> LDP/HOWTO/DocBook/ (put the DocBook source here)
> LDP/HOWTO/LinuxDoc/ (put the LinuxDoc source here)
> LDP/HOWTO/pdf/ (put pdf output here)
> LDP/HOWTO/ps/ (put PS output here)
> LDP/HOWTO/tex/ (put tex output here)
> LDP/HOWTO/html/ (put html output here)
> LDP/HOWTO/stuff I missed/ (put the stuff I missed here)

Too complicated.

Even if we know the difference between a FAQ and an HOWTO, most ppl take
this as "documentation".

> HTML, then either plain text or LaTeX or Tex.  We should not accept source
> in pdf, or ps, or any of the ones that I've not mentioned here.  This

It can be accepted as a guide, as long as the license is compatible with
our requirements.

The format is not a problem, if the document is *very* interesting we
can convert it or retype it.

> This should have a pointer to the manifesto so that they know what our
> requirements are.

Will add links to each question

> This doesn't sound too good, it implies that we don't want this many
> documents submitted.  We want MORE documents submitted, not less, right?

Right, I will rephrase that :
However, there are far too many docs submitted to ldp-submit for our 2«
peer readers.

They can not proof read each document ; if you feel like helping them«
please subscribe to ldp-submit (mail ldp-submit-request@lists.linuxdoc.org)

> the LDP-editors@lists.linuxdoc.org, as a place to submit documents for
> grammar/style/markup editing, and the LDP-submit list should become an
> automated submission mechanism.  

Good idea ; I will mail the listmaster to create that list ASAP.

Documents will first go to ldp-editors for grammar and spelling (and
maybe peer review?), then move to ldp-submit for final submission.

> I'm not sure that we should be singling (sp?) out any particular HOWTOs, but
> perhaps pointing them to the page ordered by date that Greg F has created.  

What's the url?

> writing "sexier" (I really don't believe that it's going to get me any
> dates, but what the heck) by helping out with the LDP, either by sending

Don't laugh, it got me one in october.

Her brother felt like working for a linux company so she asked me to
introduce him (it's chocking ! I never saw that before !!!)

> nicest, most efficient code you've ever seen.  I'd have to say that /.er's
> quote isn't appropraite for this follow-up, nor is this statement.

Ok will remove it, but it's exactly my opinion (you can't code want you
can't think)

> > criticize your
> > HOWTO they didn't even read.
> I like the re-write that somebody proposed much better than this paragraph,
> it makes it sound like you shouldn't care if somebody bashes your HOWTO.

I care if there's a good reason, unfortunately most of the time there's
no reason at all.

Pure flaming for the pleasure (goes to /dev/null BTW)

> they made in order to improve your HOWTO.  Well, it's tomorrow already, and
> I've got to be out of the house by 6:30 tomorrow, so I'll have to get some
> sleep.  Again, not wanting to come off as an a$$ &%*@, I'll appologize to

Good night :)

> everybody I've offended, and especially to Guy, since he's doing a great
> job.

Thanks a lot, I think we are all doing are best and the LDP is more and
more efficient.

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