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Re: Slashdot reply (draft 0.1)

On Fri, Feb 11, 2000 at 10:26:51PM +0100, Hugo.van.der.Kooij@caiw.nl wrote:
> But I agree the distinction between the various types should be made based
> on the content.
> So I suggest:
>  - Howto	Focus on getting the job done
>  - Guide	Focus on telling you what the subject is al about
>  - FAQ		Questions and Answers
>  - Others

I strongly agree. Having to submit a doc as a FAQ because its plain text, or a
HOWTO because its in linuxdoc-sgml (as I just did) is crazy. 

I also think that the Guide category is very important and neglected. A few
days ago I suggested a TUTE category, but I now see that Guides could cover
that role. Especially if authors include exercises in their docs. I think I
read somewhere that Guides are supposed to be book size. I don't see why this
should be the case. It all depends on the size of the subject.


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