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Re: restructuring

> > LDP/
> > LDP/HOWTO/dvi
> > LDP/HOWTO/html-tgz
> > LDP/HOWTO/html (Greg, you could this one for the web site)
> > LDP/HOWTO/txt
> > LDP/HOWTO/sgml-source/docbook
> > LDP/HOWTO/sgml-source/linuxdoc
> > LDP/HOWTO/pdf
> > LDP/HOWTO/ps

What I would like to see the directory structure contain every permutation of


where <category> is HOWTO or FAQ or GUIDE
and <format> is dvi or html-tgz or html or txt or docbook or linuxdoc or pdf or ps or anything else that is useful and possible.

Each document should have exactly one category, and be available in every

Does it really matter to the user what format the document was originally
written in? If needed, the submission / conversion process could add this
information to the document contents - perhaps just a final line saying
"This document was converted from linuxdoc-sgml to html by sgml2html v1.1
on 14 Feb 2000" or some such.

Some problems:
-is it possible, and is there any point in converting a plain text
 FAQ to docbook-sgml and the other more sophisticated formats?
-what about the older guides written in TeX or LaTeX? Can they be
 converted to all formats?

What I suggest may not be possible to implement completely straight away.
But it makes a lot of sense to me, and should be the goal.


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