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> > 
> > I will change the name of former HOWTO to RAID-0.5-HOWTO and yours to
> > RAID-0.9-HOWTO. (IIRC)
> > 
> > Ok?
> Fine with me,  I hope it's ok with Linas as well.
> Perhaps it should be Software-RAID instead of just RAID, as that's what
> the HOWTO is actually about  (well, Linas' HOWTO actually has some HW
> information as well IIRC)

Although I'm not at all involved in writing the RAID howtos, may I politely
suggest that we put the most significant word first in the title? Even though
we've got a search engine, the primary approach for people to find docs is
still going to be alphabetically (however we define alphabetically :) ) by
title--and I'm willing to bet that they'll be looking for "RAID-something", not

I would even be so bold as to advance this as a general principle for
document naming conventions.

Dan Scott,
Friend of the abnormal.

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