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Re: LDP integration with LWN and Freshmeat

David Lawyer wrote:

> > <chuckle>
> > That *is* what we had before.
> > Terry
> What I've just proposed is different.

It's not really. The only difference is that the previous lists were
closed to authors and publishers and relevant invitees only. All LDP
authors were subscribed to one of two lists, the ldp-l, or the
ldp-l-anncounce, at their option. The ldp-l-announce was meant to work
in the way you describe, it was rarely used. I'm not sure it'd work any
better this time around either.

I still believe there is strong merit in the idea of having a mailing
list open to authors and publishers only, not the general public. Just
as we had before, you also need an open list such as this one. I think
it provides a more naturally defined scoping for people wanting to
decide where to post without people needing to remind them each time
they post in an inappropriate place.


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