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Re: FW: Free Software Project on Salon.com

On Fri, Mar 03, 2000 at 04:02:08PM -0800, Karyn Hunt wrote:
> Hi,
>    Starting Monday, online news and technology magazine Salon.com will
> launch a new feature titled, The Free Software Project, that will feature
> regular stories on the open source movement. Would you like to link to it
> from your Web site? Or, alternatively, could you announce its launch to your
> listserv members?
>    The Free Software Project will draw largely on the reporting and
> commentary of Andrew Leonard, who has covered the news, politics and
> technology of the burgeoning movement since 1997.

It's nice to have more sites become involved in the free software
movement but I think that it's presumptuous to call this "The Free
Software Project".  This name implies that you are the (or a ??) major
project to develop free software for the "open source" movement.
Presently, the "Free Software Foundation" (and others) do this.  Much
of this software is licensed under the "Free Software Foundation's"
General Public License.

But it seems that your site will just discuss free software and not
develop it.  The name you picked will be confused with the Free
Software Foundation and their longstanding project to develop free
software (upon which Linux was based).  If you had named it something
like Free Software News (or Discussion) it would have been more
				David Lawyer

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