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Auditing CVS HOWTOs

I just took my copy of the CVS archive of HOWTOs, and opened EVERY HOWTO.
What I was looking for this time through were duplicates and titles that
were wrong and things like that.  I'm going to remove some HOWTOs, because
they're duplicates, and change the name on some others.  A few I will be
emailing the authors to ask them about it.  
CVS-HOWTO and CVS-RCS-HOWTO are the same document.  The correct title is the
CVS-RCS-HOWTO, but the CVS-HOWTO is more up to date.  I will rename the
CVS-HOWTO to the CVS-RCS-HOWTO, and remove the CVS-HOWTO from CVS.

DUFUS HOWTO and Loopback encrypted filesystem howto are the same.  Not sure
which is newer, but I'll plan on removing the DUFUS-HOWTO unless someone
tell me otherwise.  Anybody know how it got there in the first place?

Filesystems HOWTO needs a good proofreading by somebody good at
proofreading.  Please, don't take this the wrong way, I just spotted a
couple of errors in the first few paragraphs, so maybe it needs a fine
toothed comb.  

Any conflict with the "from power-up to bash prompt howto" and the Linux
>From Scratch HOWTO?  I'd imagine not much, but there should definately be
references from one to the other.  I'll email the authors directly, unless
they're on this list.

What is INFO-SHEET.sgml?

Is there a newer version of the KickStart howto?  The one herein seems to be
for RH5.2, there might be a newer one at RH.  I'll try to email David from
RedHat (yeah, one of the dozens of Davids at RH) and see if he can clarify
for me.

LFS and Linux from scratch are the same document.  LFS is newer.  Rename the
LFS to the Linux-From-Scratch-HOWTO, and delete the LFS-HOWTO.  I think this
was my screwup, sorry.

What is META-FAQ.sgml?  Hmm, another one that doesn't look like it's really
a HOWTO.  Guylhem, can you shed any light on these?

Give the NC-HOWTO a more descriptive name?  Could the thin client and NC
howtos be merged?  I'm not sure, someone familiar with these subjects should
read over these HOWTOs and see what might be done, and then contact the
authors.  [1]

Net3-4 HOWTO is going to cover more topics.  Perhaps it should become a
guide?  Is the networking howto just a newer version of the net3-4 howto?
Joshua, could you clarify your intentions with these for us?

Printing and printing-useage HOWTOs, both, or just one?  Grant, I know
you're on the list.  Do you know anything about the other document?  

We need a "new" Root-RAID-HOWTO?  I'll pose this to the linux-RAID list, and
send an email to the author.  

Software-building HOWTO conflicts with the one from ESR, maybe installing
linux HOWTO?  These two seem pretty similar.  I don't think that either
title is particularly good, perhaps we can come up with something better.
This is definately one where we need to contact the authors and get their
feelings on this.

Would the sound playing howto be better as the sound players howto?  I'm
just trying to have clear titles to make things easier to browse.

That's what I've got, pretty much covers all of the HOWTOs.  If you have any
thoughts about any of this, or would like to take one of these "tasks",
reply to the list.  Thanks!

[1]  This might be an ideal way to start utilizing the powers of CVS.  We
could co-ordinate a master document, and have each author keep working on
their own section, and submitting just that.  The SOURCE SGML would be
maintained in several parts, within it's own directory on CVS.  

P.S. Grant, I'm still brainstorming on a good way to get CVS doing all of
the cool things that it's possible to do with CVS.  I know there's a way,
just don't know what it is yet.  I'm convinced that we're shooting ourselves
in the foot by NOT doing in true CVS style, but I don't have a way around
that yet.  

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