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Re: sgml tools help


In article <14570.41743.787044.574412@sucia.home>,
  at Tue, 4 Apr 2000 19:21:03 -0700 (PDT),
    on sgml tools help,
 Tom Fawcett <fawcett@mindspring.com> writes:

> Are there instructions anywhere that explain, start to finish, how to
> install a set of working tools for converting DocBook documents into
> (tex,pdf,html,txt)?
> The old sgmltools package provided backends like sgml2ps.  The current
> sgmltools RPM includes various binaries (eg jade, jadetex, nsgmls,
> sgmltools), but no mention in the documentation of backends to produce
> final output.  

sgmltools command should have its manpage. Can't you read it by "man sgmltools" ?

for html, use "sgmltools -b html <sgml files>" 

for ps,  use "sgmltools -b ps <sgml files>" 

for txt,  use "sgmltools -b txt <sgml files>"

Here is quoted from "man sgmltools"

       sgmltools  [-b  backend]  [-d]  [-v]  [-V]  [-h]  [-l] [-s
       dsssl_spec]         [-j         jadeopt]          [--back
       end={html,ps,dvi,rtf,txt,ld2db,jadetex}] [--debug] [--ver
       bose]    [--dsssl-spec=dsssl_spec]    [--jade-opt=jadeopt]
       [--version] [--help] [--license]

> The OSWG provides a pointer to a working set of tools
> (ftp://sourceware.cygnus.com:/pub/docbook-tools/).  These include db2XXX
> backends for DocBook, eg db2ps, from the stylesheets package.  But there's
> no txt backend, and from the package listing that Greg Ferguson's posted 
> I assume these aren't the tools the LDP uses anyway.

The package list implies that Greg uses jade itself.
Usage of jade is some more complicated (or having too long options and
arguments to remember), but using jade itself can bring you more power,
for example, sgml-tools-2 can not handle DocBk XML currently, AFAIK.

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