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Re: Reducing off-topic posts to ldp-discuss

On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Greg Ferguson wrote:

> Here's what I used (www.linuxdoc.org/mailinfo.html); these have links
> to the appropriate areas/sites:
>   These lists are NOT intended to be used for receiving answers to
>   general Linux inquiries.
>   For questions of a general Linux nature, may we suggest:
>   *  Try the Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers (FAQ).
>   *  Examine the General Information or our New Users and Help Sites
>      links pages.
>   *  Use the mailing list of a local Linux User Group.
>   *  Utilize a site such as LinuxNewbie.

Ah, much, much better than that drabble I'd suggested :).

Definitely much better!


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