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Writing howtos not under Linux (Was Editors for SGML)

Now the point:
I have searched for a tool that allow me to use a different OS and
application (tipically Word under Windows) to produce an SGML HOWTO.
I've found a lot of ports of unix applications that runs under Windows, but
they don't meet my needs.
* XEmacs is a big package tha needs to be understood. I have not the time to
learn another package, because I use Linux only on the server side and for
everyday-housekeeping-writealetterforfriends jobs I use M$ things.
* Lyx is ported to M$ too, but only in his native mode. I was not able to
let it exports in sgml format (I have a lot of difficulties in enabling this
feature in the Linux version too !!!!!)
* M$ has an addon called SGML Author for Word that ships at +500$. I don't
know anything about it and I think i will never know nothing...
* Omnimark Technologies have a software RTF2XML that runs with the trial
verson of OMNIMARK LE that converts RTF files to XML. Ihave to check it out.

In definitive: why we have in sgmltools the ability to convert sgml to rtf
and not in the opposite way ?
Another time: sorry for my lack of knowledge !

It is a pleasure for me to write an HOWTO, it is useful for the community
and me, but I have to put my efforts in the contents, not on how to build
tables under Lyx or learning using Emacs.

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