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Re: Rep:Re: Permission to submit HOWTO

On Sat, Jun 10, 2000 at 09:08:33PM -0700, Gary Preckshot wrote:
> 7) LDP may have a policy, but no one seems to know
> what it is beyond using SGML with some
> indeterminate DTD. Despite blizzards of blather
> about the wonderfulness of SGML, about the only
> thing going is conversion into a few other
> formats.
> 8) It's not clear which validation and conversion
> tools work with what.

I see 2 ways to do that :
 - try to discuss and reach a consensus (anarchy)
 - impose a decision (dictatorship)

I did prefer a 3rd way, which is a group of volunteers, led by Jorge
Godoy and Greg Fergusson discussing of the problems with other
volunteers, finding solutions which will have to be "imposed".

The ones willing to help are free to join the team, the ones
who don't care will just have to trust them.

Did you read Jorge document about DocBook and the LDP?
You've got there all the information you need to write your HOWTO it

Yet the docbook effort is not finished yet, therefore do not expect
precise answer to each question before it is, but there is a precise LDP
effort regarding docbook.

Now I have finished my exams, I'm in Chapel Hill and have more time to
work on this, but there's already a team in charge of docbook, so I will
only try to compile their work and make an easier to use docbook set for
the LDP.

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