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[Fwd: Re: Rep:Re: Permission to submit HOWTO]


Thanks for your comments.

You wrote: 

> You're entitled to your opinion.  (Nevertheless, I suspect that few on
> this list would agree with you.)

Perhaps I am off the mark, I will have to learn more about SGML, DocBook
to know for myself if that is so or not.

I don't wish to argue my own or anyone elses personality traits or level
of ability, but
only to contribute positively.

> <snip>We've got an unfinished job to complete.  The tools are in
> place; we've made a common decision to use them; and we know how to get
> on with the job.  Why the hurry to rush off and play with the undefined
> all of a sudden?  Are you serious about providing decent
> documentation; or is it that you're put off by the hard work involved
> and just want to play information scientist and nothing more?
> msw
> --

I'm sure given the explosion of interest in Linux recently, that there
are many like myself who have recently arrived, and while having much to
offer do not yet have detailed in depth knowledge of the Linux Operating
System and its supporting tools.  Many of us are well versed in
information technology, have studied information science and have in
depth experience in other operating systems and their tools.   Surely
this knowledge and experience can be put to good use.  What we would
hope to find is an environment that is welcoming and open to new
perspectives.  Rest assured a good number of us are willing and able to
do some of that hard work you mention.

In our experience at work, many of us are involved in projects that are
eventually replaced by or at best evolve into more modern and effective
and comprehensive solutions.   My  belief is that any software effort is
subject to this process.   Developers must of course focus on the
present challenges.  At the same time, in the business of software, a
weather eye on the future can do no harm.  This is what I was really
trying to convey in my posting and I think you are right that I was not
clearly expressing what I had in mind.  

Martin, you've told me where LDP is right now.  I don't disagree and
will help in any specific way I can.  I'll read what's here, and for new
material, I'll evaluate it's usefulness from the perspective of an
information professional trying to master a new operating environment
and provide comments directly to the authors.   Beyond that, the
project's leaders need to give some guidance.  The existence of the
following open item on the to-do list since February is telling:

9   2000-Feb-09  Make a list of HOWTOs and other docs that need to be
remaintained or  written. 
 Status: open

If I am to contribute in any major way, it would be helpful to know of
specific issues that need research and writing.

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