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here is a skeletal docbook "template" with makefile

OK, since it seems no one else had been doing this sort of thing, I've
constructed an entire DocBook project template.  It took me so long to
make all the tools go, I figure someone can benefit from my struggle.

In theory, you can just change the name atop the Makefile, adjust the
list of pictures, and do `make all' to get pdf, ps, ascii, and html
versions of your document; or do make ps|pdf|html|ascii to get just
one.  But who knows what reality will bring ;)

The "kit" is at http://www.picante.com/~gtaylor/dbskel.tar.gz

Warning: a HOWTO which uses these DocBook features may give our
esteemed coordinator pause; metalab is missing some of the tools
needed.  He'll muddle through, though.


This is a little skeleton HOWTO.  The main thing here is the Makefile,
which provides an example of how to actually process a DocBook
document using all the assorted tools that take forever to figure out
how to actually use.


  Debian potato users, just do:

   apt-get install task-sgml
   apt-get install imagemagick
   apt-get install w3m

  I'm unsure how to express all the required things for RPM users
  without creating lots of work for me and/or you.  It's basically as
  expressed in the HOWTO-HOWTO, plus imagemagick and w3m.  This may be
  a good time to switch to Debian or FreeBSD ;)


  Basically, the multi-file html output works, and the ps or pdf
  output work.  The one-file html output and text output are slightly,
  though not unusably, glitchy.  Assorted "tricky" features like
  pictures and indexing also work to a useful extent.


 - Implements raster pictures properly for pdf, ps, html, one-html.
   Just provide png files and list them in FIGURES in the Makefile.
   They'll get converted into eps, embeddable pdf, or gif as needed.

 - Implements indexing properly for pdf, ps, html.

 - Implements proper .aux dependencies for TeX-built versions.  IE,
   you don't have to remember to run *TeX multiple times.

 - Implements tables in ascii.

 - Provides a skeleton starting document.

 - make clean.  'nuff said.


 - Does not implement vector graphics.  I simply haven't had a need;
   it should be straightforward.

 - Generates gif files.

 - Does not implement <mediaobject>; use <graphic> instead
   (mediaobject doesn't work in pdfjadetex!)   

 - The index is broken for one-html and ascii renditions.

 - URLs do not appear in the ascii rendition.  Use lynx instead to get
   the footnote effect but no tables.

 - In print output, a few things like lists have a funky leading
   indentation that is not appealing.  There seems to be no variable
   to tweak this easily.

Grant Taylor - gtaylor@picante.com - http://www.picante.com/~gtaylor/
    Linux Printing Website and HOWTO:  http://www.linuxprinting.org/
    I do consulting in most things Unix/Linux/*BSD/Perl/C/C++

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