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Re: Voila! A compromise!

    If I am reading this paragraph correctly, you are stating that you will
    not link to FSF-nonfree documents.

The Free Software Movement is a campaign for freedom--the freedom to
share and change software.  The documentation is part of the software.
We care more about these freedoms than most people do.  We stand for
the principle that software and its documentation should be free.

We have to make our actions fit our words, or we will not deserve or
receive people's respect.  Hence our policy of not recommending a
program or a manual that is non-free.  If we recommended a non-free
program or a non-free manual, we would be contradicting our own views.

You may not agree with our concern about freedom, but you should be
glad we have it.  Because it was our concern for freedom that led us
to start developing a free replacement for the Unix system.  If we
were willing to recommend a non-free program, we would have
recommended Unix and saved ourselves a lot of work.  And then the
system the LDP is documenting would not even exist.

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