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Re: howto get paid for writing a howto

On 22 Aug 2000, at 8:54, mike merrill wrote:
> As we talked about at the show, we feel that certain HOWTO's are
> benificial to the entire linux community and should be considered for
> LinuxFund funding. If you put up a blurb and maybe a link to our "how to
> submit" page, people who write docs could get a funding by submitting
> their doc proposals to our site and mentioning that they will submit
> these documents to LinuxDocs.org. You guys could even suggust docs that
> might be really needed (and therefore more likely to get funded).

ok, will forward the proposition to the list.

> (the guy w/ blue hair)

now I remember ;-)

> PS-Peretz and I are working on a HOWTO doc for open-source funding. We
> want to include all the ways people can get funds and support on their
> projects.

Great. Release it under a free license such as GFDL or OPL non A 
non B and send it to ldp-submit@lists.linuxdoc.org
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