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Re: Feedback

Mathew wrote:
>I especially love the PDF generated documents with the click-able indexes.
>This works remarkably well for CDRW archiving.  I would love to learn how
>you accomplished the click-able PDF indexes.  Hopefully someone didn't just
>open the PDF's with Acrobat Exchange and edit them in (Windows) but did some
>cool magic by allowing an automated process to catalog the headings and
>create a default index.

I am new to the list, and currently studying how the HOWTO's and Guides are 
compiled in order to assist at some stage. My current work involves single 
source technical documentation using Adobe FrameMaker and I usually output 
to PDF. The hyperlinks for toc and indexes are created automatically within 
FrameMaker, so no tedious steps once it is out in PDF - yippee !

All the best

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