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Re: Belarusian-mini-HOWTO

Alexander Mikhailian <mikhailian@altern.org> writes:

> There were a lot of discussions over the Russian-speaking
> Internet about the old Cyrillic-HOWTO that should be moved
> to the unmaintained area  

No, it shouldn't. :-) I'm working on an update. :-)

> and Evgenij Baldin even started
> a new version which includes a lot of info from various
> sources <http://www.inp.nsk.su/~baldin>.
> However the old Cyrillic-HOWTO from Alexander L. Belikoff
> and the new one from Evgenij Baldin are actually aimed at
> Russian-speaking users and do not give a hint for Ukrainians,
> Belarusian, Bulgarians, etc.,

Since the degree of support for all other Slavic languages is
non-uniform, there is no reason to rush with merging all such HOWTOs
together... Until the system gets a decent, generic, and uniform way
to handle all languages, all such "multi-language" HOWTOs will look
quite ugly...

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