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Re: Cryptography HOWTO

Benjamin Gutierrez wrote:
> Hello.
> Hello. I am a physics graduate student, system admin and programmer. I see
> there is no Cryptography howto in the current LDP HOWTO list. We
> guys have the intention to write a "Cryptography Howto", concerning
> available software using cryptography. I know most of this material is
> included in some other howtos, about ssh, SSL, encrypted filesystems,
> etc. We would like to have a separate howto in order to have a direct
> reference about cryptography, software, algorithms, legistation,
> etc. However, i guess the main emphasis should be on software and its
> implementation under Linux and maybe orger OS's rather than on algorithms
> and the maths involved. Pointers to good references on this topics and
> maybe brief stuff on them may be included.
> Do you think this is a good idea?


> is there any other attempt to write a howto on this?
I'm converting the FreeS/WAN docs:


to DocBook (they're currently HTML) with the aim of producing a HowTo
for FreeS/WAN. That would be much less general than what you propose,
but pieces of it -- glossary, web links, bibliography -- might be of
use to you. The current doc is under GPL license. HowTo will either
be GPL or GNU Doc license.

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