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Re: LDP project going online

On 6 Sep 2000, at 20:23, Kevin Cullis wrote:
> I'm putting together a new form of the LDP project which is along the
> lines of what you've stated below:


> I've got some unique organizational skills which will allow me to help
> out.  The URL WILL be www.linuxloc.com (registered yesterday) and I'm


> expecting it to be up with a simple format in about 30-60 days with the
> second phase in by the beginning of next year.  I will be doing this
> full time, by myself, until the second phase is done which will be a
> dynamic web site.  I will let you know when the first part is up.  The

self employement?

> site will be free for everyone to visit as well as get some good
> information

Man, it sounds a lot like a commercial project designed to take 
advantage of the LDP in "single way".

I have no problem with .coms or ebusiness, having one myself, but 
I don't use the LDP name or "credential" in any way.

A couple of questions:
1. What will it do for the LDP?
2. What do you expect from the LDP?

PS: Please do not use the LDP name in connection with your 
project. It is totally unrelated.
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