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Starting up........

My name is Alex, I'm thirteen and interested in starting Hacking. Now i 
don't want to learn to do this so i can hack and mess up peoples computers 
and phone lines, i don't want to become a Cracker. I read Eric Raymonds "How 
To Become a Hacker" which i found very absorbing and followed a link to your 
site. Now i don't want to say "I'm a hacker" and get frills out it i want to 
say nothing, but go on my computer solve problems and make kick-ass websites 
and learn HTML. I'm don't use The Internet for what most people use it for 
i.e chat rooms, clubs e.t.c. OK I play games online like Diablo, Diablo 2 
and Starcraft, but The Internet is so amazing, i want to use it to the full 
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