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License policy proposal

 Project for the new license policy of the LDP :

 - accept free document (i.e. released under either GFDL or OPL -A 

 - accept other document with a proheminent "non free" tag section 
   the authors accept an agreement indicating :
    - they currently allow "non commercial redistribution"
    - they do not include any advertisement at all, in any format
    - they do not include more that 200 chars. of what could be
      considered as "self promotion"
	* "If you would like me to write something for you I will for a
	-> Ok

	* "Come check out our GREAT technical writing capability!!! I'm
	the best"
	-> NO WAY !!!

    - they do allow to be re-released under either GFDL or OPL -A -
B for
      maintainance/updates/enhancement reasons when the 
author(s) :
	- decides not to update it any longer
	- declare the document unmaintained
	- can not be reached any longer
	- releases a new and updated copy of the document/book
	  distributed under a non commercial license

	If a document goes longer than 12 months without at a            
minimum maintanence/release, it will be considered unmaintained.

	The obvious exception to this, is that if the document covers a
	specific software version. For example, many people still run
	Postgres 6.4.2, but 6.4.2 is over a year old.

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