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Re: psgml cannot find doctype?

OK, it looks like I partially solved my own dilemma.
For some reason emacs isn't reading my SGML_CATALOG_FILES into 
sgml-catalog-files local variable so that psgml can read it.  If I symlink 
/usr/local/sgml/dtd/docbook.cat to /usr/local/lib/sgml/CATALOG (the default 
for psgml), although I still get the error, I am able to automagically add 
the ARTICLE tag using C-c C-e.  I think for now, I'll concatenate all my 
catalog files and stick them in the default location with absolute references 
to every declaration rather than keep messing around trying to get this to 
work correctly :)

  If anybody has additional pointers on using this so I don't have to use 
this kluge (maybe force the env var in .emacs?) let me know!

Matthew P. Barnson        Manager, Systems Administration
Excite@Home                 mbarnson@excitehome.net

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