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Re: Making It Easy For New Authors (was Re: Style Guide)

Le mar, 10 oct 2000, David Lawyer a écrit :

> A major problem is that we are making a huge mistake by not having a
> short HOWTO-HOWTO (or the like) that would suggest the use of LinuxDoc
> sgml s

I think you make a mistake, you mix up then ease of use and the technical
point of view.

in fact where you are basically right is saying "things must be easy". But
this is not turning back to linux doc (although I still use it !), but
using a recommended tool.

I think we should propose to beginners one and only one texte processor,
the simplest able to do all (lyx??) and let available a package with this
processor and all what is necessary to start - I never manage to only read
through the last HOWTO-HOWTO version.

may be it could be wordperfect, as somebody proposed some time ago, if it
can exports to dokbook, but something easy to install, easy to use.

after that, anybody can finetune his installation...

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