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Re: Style Guide (was Re: I'm a sucker)

>>>>> On Wed, 11 Oct 2000 10:09:37 +0930, David Lloyd <lloy0076@rebel.net.au> said:

    DL> I said the LDP not the mailing list. However one defines the LDP. If the
    DL> feedback gets copied to the LDP then everyone might have a chance to fix
    DL> it. 

Not if the feedback has comments such as 'Nice document! How about
improving it adding this thing?'. It's the author's decision to
include something or to ommit something. 

WRT spell errors, I see that we could benefit a little from that. But
nothing that the author can't correct by himself.

    DL> Possibly because I might be pointing that out.

It may not appear to everybody, but we do some advertisement on LDP
here in Brazil. 

    DL> My point is that DTD's and other schema (for want of a better word) help
    DL> create valid documents. The XML specification is quite clear on this -
    DL> whilst a document may be well-formed it is not necessarily valid. And
    DL> because we can't expect XML parsers to be telepathic they must be
    DL> provided with a DTD.

I don't follow your point here... What does DTDs and XML or SGML
documents have to do with the problem of what's in the document? 

    DL> Nothing in particular. I am vaguely contributing ideas and arguments to
    DL> the style guide :-)

This is good... Every contribution is valid. And constructive
criticism too. But lets try to be clear. It's hard to follow vague
phrases after a full working day.

    DL> <self reminder>
    DL> People don't understand hyperbole - they are unable to determine what is
    DL> true and what is not, or even work out that you're using an exagerrated
    DL> example.
    DL> </self reminder>

Add to your reminder that not everyone is a native English speaker or
understands English very well... I have a friend who reads this list
by using translators (such as babelfish). When he finds something too
weird, he asks me what the original message was about.

Imagine this guy reading the list...

See you,
Godoy. <godoy@conectiva.com>

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