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Cataloging LDP White Paper: Categorization

OK guys and gals,

You're treading on my turn now ;-).  You've forced my to open my hand

Yes, David and I have some overlap. However, now that I'm letting
another cat out of the bag as to what I'm working on, I think we should
put together a formal document which everyone can comment on and which
will be posted. As I've stated before, I look at my work as working on a
SYSTEM for LDP.  A SYSTEM is something like designing a car, ALL of is
should work together. David, your work on metrics is an integral part of
what I'm doing just as much as my cataloging affects your work.  I also
think, that if we have a more formalized approach, it shows consistency
within the group as well as makes it easier to follow and contribute. 
First things first, I think we need to look at the "Big Picture" and see
where we're going before we get into the details.  That means that we
should, at least for the moment, try and outline where we want to go
with the LDP, i.e. what do we want the LDP to look like in the near

Again, think in terms of a SYSTEM.  All of the parts have to work
together, the first things first is identifying the big parts
(cataloging, metrics, reorganization of docs, etc.) and putting them
into a cohesive whole so we can all see what's going on and help with a
sense of direction.  Without that bigger picture, we'll be lost in the
details.  When people have a sense of direction, it's easier to follow
and contribute.

OK, here goes folks.  The BIG CAT is now out of the bag (at least from
the idea standpoint, I'm still working on it). I would expect that each
LDP document would have this matrix below which would be meta data. 
COMPLETE!!  I've got to the end of November before I need to look for
work, so this project is my full time work until then.

Linux Documentation System White Paper:
PATCH Categorization


Man(ual) Pages and HOWTOs
Spec database for hardware/software
Software/Hardware updates
Who supports what
Library limitations/constraints (i.e. Libc, what it supports, etc)

Search by: keyword, alphabet, model #/make of item, distro, FAQs,
categories, process, hierarchal, task, function, 

Organized by:

PATCH Categorization System: Process, Alphabet (Index), Time, Category,
Hierarchy (Copyrighted, but will allow LDP to use freely to increase
Linux world domination ;-) )

1  Process
1.1  Linux Development
1.1.1  Theory/Philosophy
1.1.2  Planning: Architect Design/Requirements Gathering
1.1.3  Coding
1.1.4  Compiling
1.1.5  Testing
1.1.6  Release/Acceptance
1.1.7  Maintenance
1.2  Linux User and Administration
1.2.1  Background Information
1.2.2  Pre-installation requirements (chipset or specifications of
hardware, etc.)
1.2.3  Installation
1.2.4  Configuration
1.2.5  Maintenance/Tune-up
1.2.6  Troubleshooting  Pre- and Post-Dependencies of subject matter ( what items
affect it working correctly)  Where to go for more info (i.e. to manufacturer for specs)
2  Alphabet/Index
2.1  A-Z
2.1.1  HOWTOs
2.1.2  Manual Pages
2.1.3  Mini HOWTOs
2.1.4  Info pages
3  Time (latest additions to the web site in all areas separated by day,
week, month, year, etc.)
3.1  Updated, oldest.
4  Categories
4.1  Administration
4.1.1  Backup
4.1.2  Firewall
4.1.3  Log Analyzers
4.1.4  Monitoring
4.1.5  Printing
4.1.6  Security
4.1.7  User Management
4.2  Communications
4.2.1  Conferencing
4.2.2  FAX
4.2.3  IRC
4.2.4  Messengers
4.2.5  Talk
4.3  Development
4.3.1  Languages
4.3.2  Libraries
4.3.3  Tools
4.4  Entertainment
4.4.1  3D
4.4.2  Action
4.4.3  Arcade
4.4.4  Board
4.4.5  Strategy
4.4.6  Text
4.4.7  Utilities
4.5  File Management
4.5.1  Compression
4.5.2  Managers
4.5.3  Packaging
4.6  Graphics
4.6.1  3D Modeling
4.6.2  Image Manipulation
4.6.3  Image Viewing
4.6.4  Postscript
4.7  Kernel
4.7.1  Patches
4.7.2  Source
4.7.3  Utilities
4.8  Multimedia
4.8.1  Audio Tools
4.8.2  CD Players
4.8.3  Mixers
4.8.4  MP3
4.8.5  Video
4.9  Network
4.9.1  E-Mail
4.9.2  E-Mail Utilities
4.9.3  FTP
4.9.4  Mirroring
4.9.5  News
4.9.6  PPP/SLIP
4.9.7  Remote Login
4.9.8  Terminal
4.9.9  Utilities
4.9.10  Web
4.10  Office
4.10.1  Calculators
4.10.2  Databases
4.10.3  Editors
4.10.4  Financial
4.10.5  HTML
4.10.6  Spreadsheet
4.10.7  Utilities
4.11  Scientific
4.11.1  Artificial Intelligence
4.11.2  Astronomy
4.11.3  Biology
4.11.4  Chemistry
4.11.5  Math
4.12  Servers
4.12.1  BOOTP/DHCP
4.12.2  Database
4.12.3  DNS
4.12.4  FTP
4.12.5  IRC/Chat
4.12.6  Mail
4.12.7  News
4.12.8  NFS
4.12.9  Proxy
4.12.10  Search Engines
4.12.11  Web
4.13  System
4.13.1  Anti-Virus
4.13.2  Encryption
4.13.3  Emulators
4.13.4  Mini-Distributions
4.13.5  Secure Socket
4.13.6  Shells
4.13.7  Utilities
4.14  X Window
5  Hierarchy
5.1  Hardware
5.1.1  System: Motherboard, Memory, 
5.1.2  Printing
5.1.3  Networking
5.1.4  Video
5.1.5  Modem
5.1.6  Storage: Hard Drive, CD-ROM, 3.5 floppy disk drive, CD-RW, Zip, 
5.1.7  Sound
5.2  Software
5.2.1  System  System process (PID, etc.)
5.2.2  Printing
5.2.3  Networking
5.2.4  Video
5.2.5  Modem
5.2.6  Storage
5.3  OSI model of 
5.3.1  Level 7 Application
5.3.2  Level 6 Presentation
5.3.3  Level 5 Session
5.3.4  Level 4 Transport
5.3.5  Level 3 Network
5.3.6  Level 2 Data Link
5.3.7  Level 1 Physical Links
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