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RE: Sports Goods [no more spam]

> > I think things are going too far with spam, the signal to noise
> > ratio with the list is getting pretty poor.
> I don't too much appreciate egroups policy about advertisement, but they
> have some good ideas. On they mailing list site, they allow users to key
> in mores than one e-mail address allowed for posting, so one can add it's
> work one, home... (of course mails are send to only one address)
> this could be a good way to prevent spam still letting list semi-open.

It would also be nice if I could opt to have a whole domain or 2 to have
access.  I own a couple domain names and use various addresses within them.
For example, I might have LDP list messages sent to ldp@xyz.com and GNOME
list messages sent to gnome@xyz.com.  However, when I send out a message, I
might use xyz@xyz.com or some other address.

Craig M. Buchek
Documentation Manager / Consultant

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