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Re: Parallel Port Programming HOWTO

The HOWTO can be found in docbook format at
http://as6edriver.sourceforge.net/Parallel-Port-Programming-HOWTO.sgml  or html
at http://as6edriver.sourceforge.net/Parallel-Port-Programming-HOWTO/t2.html .

Any and all feedback will be much appreciated.

Eugene Weiss

> > I've written a draft of a HOWTO for programming the parallel port in
> > userspace under Linux.
> > 
> > Maay I submit it to the ldp-submit list?
> If it is a *draft*, please do not send it to ldp-submit. That list is
> for final submissions. Instead, post it online and send us (ldp-discuss)
> the URL, and we'll give it a once-over and give you some feedback.

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