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Re: Started to translate, but ...

On Friday 01 December 2000 04:31, VTH R&D Szoke Sandor wrote:
> Dear all,
> I started to translate a "Kernel Module Programming Guide" into
> hungarian. I use the original source for the translation, thus I have
> problems with latex (because I want to use the disjunction of hungarian
> words). The latex source use the old interface which cannot support
> babel.
> I would like to translate other guides, also.
> I see there is a new format called SGML. I read the LDP author guide.
> But it is still not clear. How can I get the latex source to be
> translated into SGML. And how to convert it back. From latex I can
> convert to html, ps, pdf.

That is why they are converting to SGML.  From SGML you can convert to html, 
ps, pdf, rtf, latex, tex, etc.  You simply type up your document in SGML then 
use the sgml-tools to "render" or "convert" your SGML source into the new 
format.  The LDP Authors Guide gives you some hints on installing the 
required programs if you have an rpm distribution.  If you have Debian, and I 
highly recommend it, it is very *easy* to install this.  Simply type:

apt-get install sgmltools2

*Everything* you need to get up and running will be installed except for the 
LDP's custom stylesheet.  Simply follow the directions in chapter 7 section 3 
of the LDP Author Guide to get it.

Have you tried using LyX? It supports SGML (it's very new and not complete 
yet) but it's based on latex/tex and is very powerful.  You could import your 
latex documents and then simply export them as SGML.  You wouldn't even need 
to know SGML to do this! 

Some of the members of my local LUG preferred LyX to writing in a basic 
editor.  It's at http://www.lyx.org.  By the way, LyX runs on a lot of 
different platforms (even Windoze!?). 

> So, I need an expert to help my first steps...
> Also, is there an sgml draft for the guide writers ?
> Any help will appreciated,

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