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Re: tag for translators?

On Fri, 1 Dec 2000, [EUC-KR] Ǽ wrote:

> The current linuxdoc DTD has two varients(I think "linuxdoc" for 
> original author, "linuxdoctr" for translator because it accepts
> <trans>, <tdate>). 
> How about merging the two DTDs and make the "linuxdoc" accept
> <trans>, <tdate>? If it is acceptable, this will be a clear solution.

Although I no longer use the linuxdoc DTD at all, I would agree with
this for those who still do.  (Although I would recommend thinking about
eventually moving to DocBook:)

> (Of course the ldp.dsl need to be changed so that <othercredit> is printed.)

Has anyone undertaken this yet?

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