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Re: tag for translators?

On Fri, Dec 01, 2000 at 10:30:55AM -0500, Greg Ferguson wrote:
> On Dec 1,  2:29pm, Martin WHEELER wrote:
> > Subject: Re: tag for translators?
> >
> > > The current linuxdoc DTD has two varients(I think "linuxdoc" for
> > > original author, "linuxdoctr" for translator because it accepts
> > > <trans>, <tdate>).
> > >
> > > How about merging the two DTDs and make the "linuxdoc" accept
> > > <trans>, <tdate>? If it is acceptable, this will be a clear solution.
> >
> > Although I no longer use the linuxdoc DTD at all, I would agree with
> > this for those who still do.  (Although I would recommend thinking about
> > eventually moving to DocBook:)
> Agreed (merge the DTDs).
> > > (Of course the ldp.dsl need to be changed so that <othercredit>
> > > is printed.)
> >
> > Has anyone undertaken this yet?
> It's on my list. I hope to get to it today.

Okay, I just checked in the update to the LAG. This is the first time
I've used the cvs, so if anything goes wrong please let me know.

Dr. David C. Merrill                     http://www.lupercalia.net
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quit   When the quit statement is read, the  bc  processor
       is  terminated, regardless of where the quit state-
       ment is found.  For example, "if  (0  ==  1)  quit"
       will cause bc to terminate.
(Seen in the manpage for "bc". Note the "if" statement's logic)

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