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Re: Subscribing to the new lists?

In <3A2800E4.23F877FE@e-smith.com> on Fri, 01 Dec 2000 14:49:56 -0500,
you wrote:

>Is there a problem with the new server?  I would read the error message
>as saying that "discuss-subscribe" is an unknown user.  Or did I do
>something wrong?

That's not the only problem. If it (sometimes) works, you get an
answer from ezlm, that the command address in unknown.

I asced the internic for the nameservers and the the listed
nameservers. two of the servers don't think, they are authoritive.

ns.unc.edu tells mail.linuxports.com ist authoritive among 4
nameservers. But mail.linuxports.com seems to know nothing:

> server mail.linuxports.com
Default Server:  mail.linuxports.com

> linuxdoc.org
Server:  mail.linuxports.com

*** mail.linuxports.com can't find linuxdoc.org: No response from

If the list manager an the mailserver are set up the same way as the
nameservers, it seems to be luck to get an answer or even a

BTW: ser is not answering any mail. - Maybe, he got too much of them
as there seem to be serious problems with the mailing list.

Maybe someone should ask the current list keepers at debian.org not to
kill the list in the middle of December as they may be dead otherwise
after that time.


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