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Re: new_document

From: "George Tsilikas" <gtsili@essex.ac.uk>
> Hi there,
>                 I was recently trying to set-up a web camera on a Linux
> (unfortunatelly, the camera is not yet operational as we still have to
buy a
> new camera, so I cann't demonstrate) however I have succesfully managed
> set it up and it seems to work quite smoothly. I was also asked to write
> small documentation on the set-up so I thought I could contribute at the
> same time a Linux mini-HowTo.
> (I am doing a PhD at the Electronics System Enginnering Department of
> University of Essex, and the webcam will be on the web pages of the lab
> I am working, but since other labs would like to do so they ask me to
> the documentation too.)
> I have checked and there is no such HowTo, however I am not an expert on
> Linux (just an enthusiast who has spend a few years as a Linux user) or
> video4linux. I believe that it will work for other hardware because of
> common video4linux interface. I will have some feedback too since other
> will probably folow my documantation.
> Please, let me know if that mini-HowTo will be of any use to the Linux
> community and if so what is the procedure that I have to follow.

We don't have any howtos on webcams. I did a quick Google search and found
a mini-HOWTO on using the QuickCam color with Linux. The HOWTO is not in
our collection, although he has a link to our old metalab url at the
bottom of the page. I'm going to write him and ask him to submit it to us.

The url, if you're interested, is:

George, this doesn't mean your HOWTO is not welcome.

I'm not an expert in this area, so you'll know better than I do whether it
would be better to work with the author of the QuickCam HOWTO to create a
more generic HOWTO for multiple cameras, or whether it is better to keep
them separate. That depends on how much of the information is the same.
But at least now you know it's there. I generally prefer to see very small
HOWTOs in the same subject area combined rather than maintained
separately, but that is a personal viewpoint and not LDP policy or
anything like that.

Either way, I hope we'll soon see the other HOWTO here. It's under GPL, so
I can't imaging him not wanting us to publish it.

David C. Merrill, Ph.D.
Linux Documentation Project
Collection Editor & Coordinator

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