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Re: tag for translators?

>>>>> "권" == 권순선  <kss@kldp.org> writes:

    권> Yes, that will be the best way for newly submitted sgml sources.

    권> As far as I know, the current linuxdoc-tools have some problem with
    권> debian(because of japanese-groff patch which debian's groff package uses).
    권> Is it fixed already? When I first heard about linuxdoc-tools from
    권> Choi, I got to know there is some problem with debian(from debian-kr 
    권> mailing list) & linuxdoc-tools. So I didn't even try it. I'm
    sorry Choi...:-) 

About this issue, please look at groff mailing list archive. There
were very long thread, and some problem have solved and new converter
frontend will be prepared into groff.


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